Vittorio Giorgini Architects – Exhibitions

A show at various venues throughout the city and more; an occasion not only to rediscover the figure of the Florentine architect Vittorio Giorgini and all that his studies and his work have left to us, but also to rediscover a season abounding in cultural ferment – that of the Florence of the 1950s and 1960s – and its leading figures. Georigini was an outstanding personality in our city’s cultural panorama in the post-WWII years; VITTORIO GIORGINI  Architetto (1926-2010), promoted by the Fondazione Architetti Firenze, B.A.Co. – Archivio Vittorio Giorgini, the Association of Architects of Florence, the City of Florence  and Mus.e., is devoted to the architect, to his life and his work.  The exhibition will range across various venues in the city and in other localities (from the Palazzina Reale to the Museo Novecento and on as far as Baratti (LI), Prato, Milano, where some of the most significant examples of Giorgini’s work are to be found). Framing the exhibition proper are meetings, lectures, workshops and collateral shows at various sites in Florence and Tuscany, staged in collaboration with the region’s foremost institutions and with international entities.

What I do

In this work, I created the graphic elements for the exhibitions. From the brochure to the advertising boards throughout the city, from the banner of MuseoNovecento to the official invitations to exhibit.

Here an extract of my work

Entrance to the MuseoNovecento
Poster Advertising 70x100cm
A3 Brochure