I’M A GRAPHIC DESIGNER from Italy living
in Florence, where I work as a Designer.
With a background in architecture, my strength lies
in communication and graphic design.



Cyclone is a project that began in September 2014 in a technology development team linked to physical activity and clothing.

This route has seen me protagonist from choosing the name, designing the logo, choosing the reference colors. Later we also focused on the slogans to be adopted, on the type of images and videos to be delivered.


A show at various venues throughout the city and more; an occasion not only to rediscover the figure of the Florentine architect Vittorio Giorgini and all that his studies and his work have left to us, but also to rediscover a season abounding in cultural ferment – that of the Florence of the 1950s and 1960s – and its leading figures. Georigini was an outstanding personality in our city’s cultural panorama in the post-WWII years; VITTORIO GIORGINI  Architetto (1926-2010), promoted by the Fondazione Architetti Firenze, B.A.Co. – Archivio Vittorio Giorgini, the Association of Architects of Florence, the City of Florence  and Mus.e., is devoted to the architect, to his life and his work.


Founded in 1856, the art shop Giulio Giannini and Son continues a century-long tradition of being passed on from father to son for six generations. Known internationally for its book binding industry, it produces handmade cards, fancy cards printed with traditional prints, tickets and special items at customer’s request.

In this project I have been concerned with the change of the website.


National adward for the new logo of the “Commissione di Garanzia dell’Attuazione della Legge sullo Sciopero nei Servizi Pubblici Essenziali”.

The logo was inspired by the “The Fourth Estate” of Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo. It was constructed geometrically so as to obtain a more balanced sign in all its aspects.

The end result is given by simple cut and joined circumferences in order to arrive at a simple and essential form.